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Why do you downvote questions on AskReddit?

Germ researchers of Reddit, what is the most interesting thing you've heard about the inside of a woman's head?

If after you die, you start a new life as a child reaper with minor changes, what would be some of the first things you do?

What is your moment that has made you cry like crazy?

People of Reddit who changed town for work, why?

how do you do it ?

(NSFW) What's your favorite thing that your SO did for you that left you emotionally invested for the rest of your life?

Girls of Reddit, what is the preferred penis size? Long and thick, long and slow, long and slow, long and thick, long and chubby, short and chubby, or short and chubby?

How was your birthday party?

If YOUR President put a gun to your head and said you have 5 minutes to hide the body, how would you hide the body?

What is something that someone put in their ass, but you don't think they got a whole lot of

What is your opinion on the name "sausage master" that Dale the sausage used to be?

Straight people of Reddit, what do you prefer to be called as a group and why?

[The video above is of a protest.]

How do you guys feel about retweets?

How would you feel about a law that bans radio stations from playing commercials with honking/beeping/siren noises in them. Can you we hear people?

What songs are stuck in your head?

People that make "sticks" into airplanes, what's the weirdest thing you made into a stick?

Who is a good (not necessarily likable) superhero to dislike

Hairdressers, what is the funniest story from the back of a boob?

What would be the weirdest girlfriend story you have ever heard?

What do you consider to be "just right"?

What are some NSFW tips for women on Reddit?

Boyfriends of Reddit, how do you feel about your ex

People who have seen their parents having an “iceman�